Running, Screaming, and Playing At The Museum? The Children’s Museum of Atlanta


Are you looking for a place that is kid friendly, easy on your pockets, and educational too?  Well,  The Children’s Museum of Atlanta is the place to go!  Dedicated to making learning fun for children of all ages, this place is packed with things to see and do.  I started going to the museum with my nephew when he was about three years old.  At ten, he still loves going and has a new appreciation for the exhibits.  Moreover, I now take my two-year old daughter, Brooklyn, and she loves it!

From creating works of art on a whiteboard that spans the length of an entire wall, to fishing in a giant indoor pond, my daughter explores the museum by touching everything!  Fortunately, that’s the way it was designed to be enjoyed. Imagine It Museum, Atlanta, GA During our most recent visit, Brooklyn discovered the infant toddler area, complete with soft blocks and tunnels perfect for children 6 months-2 years old.  She spent quite a bit of time there.  Then it was off to the massive interactive Farm to Table exhibit. Imagine It : The Children's Museum of Atlanta

The exhibit explores how food goes from the farm, illustrated by a life-sized tractor and ceramic cow, to the supermarket, and finally to our homes.  Kids are able to fill shopping carts with plastic loaves of French bread, cartons of milk, eggs and everything in between. Imagine It Museum, Atlanta, GA

This exhibit is a crowd favorite.  There is also a train depot, a large sand box, and a huge exhibit dedicated to engineering and logistics.  But not to worry, it is big fun!  The exhibit uses colorful balls and simple machines to teach these complex principals in an enjoyable way.   By the way, don’t miss the dance parties and story time during your visit.  (See the activity schedule when you arrive for details.)

Imagine It Museum, Atlanta, GA

There are also temporary exhibits that come to the museum throughout the year.  Check out the current exhibit: Sonic Sensation, running now through June 1, 2014This new, highly engaging exhibit offers a fun and informative opportunity for children to understand the anatomy, measurement, and science of sound.

The exhibit features a variety of interactive, hands-on activities for children to see, feel, and hear sound. Visitors can experiment with pitch, test their listening skills, make a movie soundtrack and much more! As children engage with multiple learning stations throughout the exhibit, they will discover key listening skills through the science of sound and hearing.

Imagine It Museum, Atlanta, GA Imagine It Museum, Atlanta, GA

Visiting the museum is always a great experience…. especially when it is free!  Check out Target Free Second Tuesdays.  Thanks to the Target Corporation, admission for the museum is free from 1pm-7pm on the second Tuesday of every month.  Otherwise, tickets for visitors ages one and above is $12.75 per person.  The museum is also available for birthday parties and special events.

Tip: There are several paid parking options near the museum and the prices range from $5.00-$12.00 depending on the day and length of your visit. The lot located on Baker Street directly across from the museum is the most convenient.  On weekends, parking in this lot is generally a flat rate of $5.00.

Have a fantastic time at  The Children’s Museum of Atlanta.

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