Corn Mazes, Funnel Cakes, and Smiles

This weekend I ventured out to Cagel’s Family Farm ( a cast of energetic little ones ready to eat endless amounts of cotton candy and let loose!  A girlfriend of mine and her daughter were brave enough to join me.  We had a fantastic time at the farm!  Just 40 minutes north of Atlanta, my babies (daughter, god kids and nephew) got a taste of country living rarely seen outside of the Cracker Barrel Country Store.    

 Cagel Farm is a working farm, dedicated to exposing people to the world of agriculture.  We had a full day complete with an extensive overview of farm life from milking cows  and viewing  a sheep herding demonstration to feeding the farm’s distinguished residents (pigs, wild turkeys, goats , ducks etc .)  Before taking the tour we perused through the farms extensive pumpkin patch which is great for finding the right pumpkin or photo opp…lol




After the tour, we grabbed some provisions (cheeseburgers, nachos, funnel cakes and cotton candy) then headed out to conquer the corn maze.  The great thing about the maze is that the directions are clear and it is just challenging enough to be fun without being confusing and scary.  You navigate the maze by correctly answering questions along the path.  We did ok.  Word to the wise, brush up on your Biblical knowledge, remember what you are told on the farm tour, and know some general trivia.  You will be fine.  There are two different mazes. Phase I and Phase II.  Start with Phase I to get the hang of it. 

If  you are taking small kids, go early.  It takes a few hours to take the tour, have lunch, and complete the corn mazes.  When the sun sets the farm becomes more of an adult hang out (Hunted Barn, Haunted Mazes and a Bonfire).

With the general admission the kids get access to two play areas.  They offer one for big kids and one for toddlers, so nobody feels left out. 

Take some cash (I never carry the stuff).  The ticket counter and main concessions area accept cards but the lemonade stand does not and you may want to tip the tour guide. 

For parents:  Feel free to take your strollers.  We got around just fine.  The hay ride/ farm tour has a place to park your stroller temporarily.  It worked out fine.  Also the bathrooms were pretty clean, much better then stinky Port a Potties… it makes a difference!

Spending the day at Cagel Farm is a great way to usher in the fall season.