DIY Projects on a Travel & Food Blog? DIY Window Seat

So I have been in my home for seven years and there are still so many things that need to be done.  My formal living room sits empty, my kitchen needs to be renovated, the interior wall colors need to be updated, and until a few weeks ago, my outdoor space was pretty lame.   So in addition to discussing great food and travel experiences, I will also share my DIY projects and the many home improvement projects that we are undertaking this year.   

The first project that I took on this year was turning an old TV stand into a window seat.  When I purchased my new TV console a few years ago I planned to donate my old stand to charity.  It had good bones and deserved a good home.  Instead, it sat for two years moonlighting  as a console table in my formal living room.   Wondering if this furniture piece could have a new life, I took to Pintrest for ideas.  Pintrest never fails me!  So of course I found endless things I could turn the stand into.  I really like to DIY but I only attempt things that I can do and do well…so I chose the easiest option: a window seat.  A little padding, a little fabric and a little paint…right?  Well it turns out that there is also a little measuring, a little sanding and a little engineering involved too.

Step 1. Selecting the “soft stuff”: Fabric and cushion materials

I know I wanted my daughters and their guests to have an ultra thick and soft seat, so I went with the thickest foam at the craft store.  I then grabbed some inexpensive cotton fabric that complemented their decor.  After that I followed Erica’s easy technique for making the cushion. The foam was super thick and I am kinda sloppy so I had to pull the fabric super tight so that it would hide my mistakes and smooth out the lumps on the edges.  You need a super sharp razor or straight edge to cut your foam if needed to fit your furniture piece. 

Step 2. Sand and paint your base

I wanted to change the color of the TV stand so I selected my color and went out to Home Depot.  I was all ready to have my color created when I spotted a gallon of  “opps” paint that would also work and for half the price.  So I grabbed my paint and extra pads for my sander and I rushed home to get to work.  It took me about 30 minutes to fully sand the piece and prep it for paint.  I applied two coats of paint to the piece and allowed it to dry overnight.

Step 3. Affix your cushion

After allowing the piece to dry for 24 hours, I started thinking of ways to affix the cushion.  I thought about nailing it but I was not fully sure if the thin MDF backing could sustain nails.  So I settled on using some commercial grade Velcro that I had for a different project.  The Velcro is strong enough to hang a fire extinguisher from so I knew it could do the job. 


Step 4. Make the big reveal !

The girls absolutely loved the seat !




Best wishes on your project . Let me know how it turns out.


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