Family Fun: Atlanta Braves

So… spending a Friday night at Sun Trust Park watching the Atlanta Braves battle the Cincinnati Reds was fun.  But everything leading up to actually getting to our seats was magical!  It started with finding the perfect parking space.  Then, upon entering the Battery (the live, play, work community surrounding Sun Trust Park) we encountered a delightful array of characters including a magician, followed by a juggler and of course a clown with just the right amount of makeup… he had kind eyes and hilarious jokes. 

The water feature is another crowd favorite.  My girls enjoyed darting through trying to anticipate which sprinkler would sprout water next. (Pack a change of clothes and a swimsuit for maximum fun).

We also spent a fair amount of time on the “green” which is an area just outside of the stadium where fans enjoy an array of pre-game activities.  We spent time enjoying burgers at H&F Burger’s walk-up just outside of the stadium, which allows non-ticket holders to enjoy the high end burgers as they watch the game on the big screen.

My kids ages 7 and 4 enjoyed playing on the green so much that we totally missed all of the family activities inside the the gates to include zip-lining, playing arcade games, and face painting.

Although the Braves lost 5 to 2, my family was the big winner of the night.