Food food food !

We haven’t traveled lately but boy have we eaten!

Star Provisions, located in West Midtown in Atlanta, GA is a fine place to dine for lunch if you like rustic urban farm-house chic …which I love!  Hubby and I ventured over for a relaxing lunch last week .  We both had the shrimp po-boy.

 The sandwich is packed with jumbo shrimp lightly dressed with lettuce and  mayo squeezed into a toasted roll.  We also tried the spinach and goat cheese fritatta.  It is shaped like a muffin and served cold (totally new to me) but it has great flavor.

For dessert we shared a decadent chocolate and caramel bar served atop a shortbread cookie with toasted sea salt.  It is a sweet and slightly salty delight and a great way to finish a fantastic meal.

My Dining Club ( the Dining Divas) ventured over to the critically acclaimed restaurant: Empire State South (ESS).  ESS was listed in the top 10 of Jezebel magazine’s Top 100 best Atlanta restaurants.  Each of us ordered something different.  We started with the “Jars”.  The “Jars” is an appetizer consisting of five jars filled with “interesting” concoctions; trout mouse, bacon and pimento, peanut humus, deviled ham and pickled veggies.










For my entrée I selected the GA trout cooked lightly in chicken broth served with Chinese long beans.










It was good but not thrilling.  My companions felt the same way.  We love the restaurant’s ambiance and character!  Additionally, we appreciated the chef’s creativity and the complex culinary techniques demonstrated.  I  am glad that we dined there …we just had to know what everyone was raving about.  Check it out for yourself and let me know your thoughts.  Last, I would be remise if I didn’t mention that our server was amazing.  He was very accommodating and  made our dining  experience pleasurable.