The Iberian Pig: Travel to Spain Without Leaving Atlanta

So my dining club “The Dining Divas” ventured over to the east side of Atlanta (downtown Decatur) to check out famed Spanish inspired restaurant The Iberian Pig and we had a fantastic experience!  As we escaped the crisp night air and stepped into the lively dining room filled with welcoming aromas, we were immediately transported across the Atlantic Ocean to Espana. Iberian Pig Atlanta, GA The dark wood and dim lighting were reminiscent of the restaurants that I frequented while studying in Madrid.  The owners Frederico Castellucci and Chad Crete successfully recreated that “old world” feeling through the menu and ambiance.  They captured the european dining spirit that makes it ok for people sit down for a meal with friends, order multiple courses, and stay a while.  One thing I love about european dining is the lack of pressure  to “eat and leave”.  Instead, patrons are encouraged to linger over wine and bread and savor fine cheeses while discussing the day’s events. 

My friends and I did just that as we tried fried pork belly, bacon wrapped dates, and slow roasted beef. 

Iberian Pig

Lomo Di Cerdo: Grilled Pork Tenderloin

We drank wine, shared small plates, and enjoyed each others company in the warmth of what I consider the closest thing to Spain in Atlanta.  Frederico stopped by our table to chat.  During our discussion he shared that his vision for the restaurant was not only to provide impeccable service but to get back to the basics of the dining experience, which equates to great food, amazing drinks, and plenty of conversation among friends.

Mission accomplished!

We enjoyed dining at The Iberian Pig and we look forward to visiting again. 


Free parking in downtown Decatur is limited.  Be prepared to pay at least $5.00 in the surrounding lots Thursday-Sunday when that area is busiest.

Make reservations. 

 Have you been to the Iberian Pig?  Share your experience.