Lake Lanier Has It All!


Fun in the Sun

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, we decided to join two other couples and make a trip to Lake Lanier in Gainesville, GA.   Only 45 minutes away from our home, upon arrival we felt like we were on a true vacation.  The best way to enjoy Lake Lanier is by private boat.  For this trip we went through Paradise Rental Boats at Port Royale to rent a 19’ Runabout.  We chose to do a half day to avoid heat exhaustion.  The boat was large enough for the six of us and our coolers filled with food and beverages.  The staff at the port was accommodating for boating novices.  However, we found driving it fairly intuitive.  Once we set sail we explored the open waters with excitement.   After cruising for a while, we found a quite spot on a tiny beach and anchored so that we could relax and enjoy lunch.  Speaking of lunch, we packed sandwiches and fruit and of course cocktails and plenty of beer for those not operating the boat.  It is best to take items that are easy to transport and clean up.  We love to eat but that is not the place for complicated food preparation.


Tubing on Lake Lanier

There are so many positive aspects to our trip, how do we name them all?  The tubing…smoking a cigar as the boat sways against relaxing waves, drinking a cold margarita in the warm Georgia sun or spending time with friends old and new.  Oh I know, it is taking a refreshing dip in the lake off the side of the boat and thinking back to the moment when you fell in love the water.

As we returned to the port we were greeted by a live band performing at the Pelican Pete’s Bar and Grill.  At this outdoor spot you can stop by to grab a bite to eat while discussing your day and viewing pictures and video captured by your companions. 

Though we traveled just a few miles outside of the city, this really felt like a beach vacation for us!  It’s nice to be reminded of the awesome things to do in our own backyard!  If you are looking for a fun escape just minutes outside of Atlanta, Lake Lanier is a great summer destination.