Murphy’s Restaurant Is Still My Top Pick in Atlanta!

Murphy’s Restaurant is still my favorite restaurant in Atlanta because it is consistent. The food is always spectacular and I am never ever disappointed.

Murphy’s is the kind of place where you can enjoy a romantic  dinner for two by candle light on a warm summer evening, socialize with old friends on a sleepy Sunday morning over mimosas and muffins, or take your parents to show them that you are all grown up; when they come to town. The wine list is extensive and the food is seasonal, local, and fresh just the way it should be done.

You can’t go wrong with anything you order.  I would list my faves but the menu is seasonal so just trust me on this.

Go and go again….it will become one of your favorite places if it isn’t already.  Tip: Make reservations if you can, especially for brunch on weekends.  You should be able to grab a table without waiting if you arrive by 10:30am on a Sunday…after that time you are on your own. 

Tip: Valet parking is available or park on the street if you are lucky enough to find a legal space…key word…legal..don’t ruin your meal by being towed or ticketed.

But above all…enjoy.


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