Power Couple Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter: Visiting the Carter Center, Atlanta, GA

Photographs of Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter.Jimmy Carter has always been an interesting person to me.  Although his Presidency pre-dates me, I have been fortunate enough to witness his life long fight to make the world a better place.  Out one afternoon with some free time, Xeric and I found ourselves at the Jimmy Carter Center.  We had driven by hundreds of times and vowed one day to visit.  Well that day had finally arrived.  The Carter Center is an amazing collection of political and cultural treasures.  Say what you want about President’s Jimmy Carter’s White House career but I would venture to say no president has had a greater impact post presidency.

The Center covers President Jimmy Carter’s early life in Plains, GA.  It also highlights key instances and relationships that shaped his humanitarian philosophies.  The site follows Carter’s journey from Plains, GA to the White House.  It covers all of the major issues during Carter’s Presidency.  It also provides interactive activities that allow visitors to experience history in a new way.  Visitors can walk through a replica of the Oval Office during the tour and view the Presidents personal family photos.

The Center also highlights Mrs. Carter’s impressive career.  Rosalynn Carter is not only a staunch supporter of her husband but a trailblazer in her own right.  I was inspired by her support of mental health awareness and her efforts to end illnesses that plague populations world-wide.

The Center is beautiful and is a wonderful way to spend a day in Atlanta.


Tips:  Parking is free on site, adult tickets are $8.00, kids 16 and under are free






Lead photos courtesy of the Carter Center website