Preparing for Thanksgiving: Decor Planning Guide & Checklist

This year I will be hosting Thanksgiving for the first time.  I am both nervous and excited.  Hosting  any event can be overwhelming but the holidays often come with increased levels of stress.  Instead of allowing myself to become overwhelmed, I am leaning on my tried and true methods for preparing for any special event at my home by starting early and making a plan.

Although I fight it, I operate best in a structured environment, so I have created a structure by developing a checklist.  I use a daily “to do list” to approach my day …so just like everything else, I created a list to prepare for Thanksgiving.

This checklist is specifically for planning the decor.  On Thanksgiving, food gets all of the love but this year don’t overlook your decor.

Download this easy guide for a quick and easy way to plan.

Thanksgiving Decor Planning Guide & Checklist


Happy Holidays