Road Trip to the Emerald Coast (Destin & Fort Walton Beach)


Emerald Coast
Brooklyn’s sun hat flew off…it was kinda windy

Recently Xeric and I celebrated our second year of marital bliss with a trip to the Emerald Coast.  It was a five hour car ride from Atlanta to our destination.  Thankfully, he drove the entire way while I attended to our daughter Brooklyn.

We prefer to fly to most destinations but with a newborn, driving was the best option for a number of reasons.  First, we had privacy; if she was fussy the only people who had to endure it were the people who created her …lol.  Second, as a breastfeeding mom, I was able to pump in the privacy of our car.  Having the Medela dual electric pump with the hands free bustier and car adapter is awesome. Because most babies love car rides..and Brooklyn as exceptional as she is was  not the exception in this case,  slept for at least 85% percent of the journey.  Third, although she has had her first set of vaccinations we wanted to play it safe and limit her exposure to large crowds ruling out the airport and airplane.  Last, as you can imagine we were able to travel with our baby gear and other “essentials” without having to lug things through the airport, which can be a huge hassle.

Over the course of three days, we divided our time between Fort Walton Beach and neighboring Destin.  The great thing about vacationing along the Emerald Coast is that it is very laid back and lacks pretense…two things that are perfect for fatigued parents who just want to relax.  Sure both cities offer plenty of activities from deep sea fishing to para sailing to historic attractions (Indian Tribal Mounds, Fort Walton Beach ).  However, unlike some places, one doesn’t feel overwhelmed or pressured to devise a packed literary ultimately changing the vacation into a busy hustle to see every attraction before time runs out.  This trip we opted to make spending time on the beach reading and relaxing the primary focus. Emerald Coast

We are seafood lovers so beach vacations are always a culinary delight.  We were pressed to find local fresh seafood at a reasonable price.  We made the mistake when we arrived by venturing to one of the local but commercial eateries on the beach.  Despite its proximity to the beach the seafood wasn’t exceptional.  The food was just ok and had me longing for blackened shrimp tacos from Six Feet Under.  Anyway, we did end up finding a local restaurant that has been touted as the best in the area: Dewey Destin.  With a 45 minute wait we were expecting a fantastic meal and for the most part we were not disappointed.

Emerald Coast
Fresh is best!

The food was fresh and local just like we like it.  The atmosphere although busy, was very relaxed and they were able to accommodate our newborn.  Our only issue was that we had to leave our stroller outside by the hostess stand located outside.  In the event that it rained while we were dining we would have been pretty upset.  Overall, Dewey Destin satisfied our seafood craving.

To sum it all up we returned home on Sunday relaxed and rested from a weekend well spent.  If you plan to visit Destin we recommend going right after spring break and right before summer vacationers start arriving ( late April -mid-May).  We stayed at the Four Points Sheraton.  The view from our room was amazing and the hotel provided all of the amenities that were needed.  We booked our car through and secured a fantastic rate.  We spent less than $100.00 for the car for the entire weekend.


Happy trails,