My Fabulous Summer Part 1: Chicago, Oprah, and Beyonce…what more could I ask for ?

I had the pleasure of seeing two dynamic women in one summer!  To start, my sister and I ventured to the great City of Chicago, IL to attend Oprah’s Life Class.   I never could get tickets  to the Oprah Winfrey Show, so getting tickets for the Life Class was wonderful.  Oprah is one of my favs, so the entire trip was shrouded in wonder and excitement! 

I was secretly snapping pictures in the studio from my purse until Oprah made the announcement that cameras are ok during the program.  Chicago, ILlol

We stayed in Wicker Park which is a neat community full of trendy hipster boutiques and restaurants. 

What can I say about Chicago?  We did everything from eat deep dish pizza to nosh on Garrett’s popcorn.  We had lunch on Navy Pier and rode the famous Ferris Wheel. Navy Pier Ferris Wheel Chicago, IL The wheel offers beautiful city views and it made me and my sister feel like little girls at the state fair.  It cost $6.00 for two rides.  Tickets are sold on site.  Then it was off to Millennium Park and the Magnificent Mile, where we shopped and ate some more.  On the Magnificent Mile, like Fifth Avenue in New York City, you can find great places to eat and shop national department stores & exclusive boutiques. 

The next day it was on to Harpo Studios for the show.  We were able to take the train right over to the studio.  There is a green line stop within one block of Harpo.  At the studio, we went through the security checks and the waiting period …once that was all over it was time to see O.  She did not disappoint!  We had a blast. 

Getting around Chicago is so easy via public transportation.  The great thing is you can ride the train and the bus with the same card.  We bought the multi-day pass for $20.00.  The blue line runs 24 hours a day getting us to the airport to catch our 6am flight Tuesday morning.  I never felt unsafe or nervous at any hour riding the train.  Like any big city some areas are safer than others and you should use caution.  But we had a ball.  I vote Chicago the easiest City in the US to travel on public transportation.  New York loses points because no subway runs to the airport, leaving travelers to catch a series of buses into Manhattan or an expensive cab ride.  I still love you NY, I even named my daughter after one of your fabulous boroughs :-). But Chicago wins regarding public transportation.

Our trip was super short and this was my second time there so we didn’t have time to touch some of the other key sites.  On your visit, try to take a City tour, check out the cool architecture, and definitely visit the museums.

Safe travels…now about Beyoncé…stay tuned for my amazing concert experience in Charlotte, NC.