Kitchen Renovation Part III: The Big Reveal

So over the past several weeks we discussed planning for a kitchen renovation and how to make all of the tough decisions involved.  Well… one fine day the project will be over and you will have a the space of your dreams!  Good planning always pays off.  Here are pictures from my actual kitchen. We love it !




I wanted to share everything that I learned along the way, so I packaged it all up in a handy e-book for your reading pleasure.  The e-book is really a collection of helpful checklists designed to help you plan and execute your project with peace of mind.

Kitchen Renovation Planning Guide


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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: Kitchen Renovation Part II

Renovating my kitchen was a dream of mine for  seven years.  The experience was exciting, fun and often tremendously overwhelming. There are so many decisions that must be made whether you are approaching this alone or with a designer.  I will outline my overall approach to this process in future post as part of this series.  My hope is that by the time you go through my journey here @ Eat Breathe Travel, your journey will be less overwhelming and more enjoyable.

Before getting started and during the entire process I looked at so many kitchens in showrooms across Atlanta and online.

Here are a few that inspired me greatly, courtesy of Pintrest:

Thonet bentwood bar stools or cross back stools, colonial style

Want to know how to recreate this clean, white kitchen?


Dining open to kitchen - love the white, the island, the dining room chairs and that wood table! (Note: I mirrored the original image to match my design)

Among other things, these kitchens encompassed my overall design aesthetic and gave me a springboard to work from to ultimately establish my must haves. One of my must have elements was replacing my old white cabinets with new white cabinets that extend to the ceiling with glass panels throughout.  I can’t wait to show you the pictures.

Speaking of decisions, selecting a back splash was one that caused me to have countless sleepless nights.  Marble, glass, ceramic….there are so many possibilities for materials.  I settled on marble because of its classic appeal and color.  Deciding on the back splash layout was a whole different series of decisions and sleepless nights.  Grout color is yet another selection that must be determined before your project can be completed and the color selection makes a huge impact.   Kasey with The Raw House Project  does a great job covering this topic.

Here are a few kitchen back splashes that inspired me.

Herringbone grey splash-back tiles | Little Things Interiors More

Backsplash · Carrara Marble in 3x6 subway with carrara herringbone pattern inlay above range

I ultimately opted to use individual polished marble subway tiles with bright white grout.  I had it installed  in a herringbone pattern above the cook top, as a special feature.  Here are some of the styles that I considered.

Ready to see my actual pictures? Here you go….

We used polished marble (3×6) tiles from Lowes. The price is great and the quality is amazing.

There is so much more to share as we walk though this project.  By the time we are finished you my friend will be a kitchen reno pro!

Stay tuned…


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The Seven Year Itch: Kitchen Renovation Part I

While cooking in my impossibly small kitchen in my first home, I often fantasized about how nice it would be to prepare meals in the beautiful chic chef’s kitchen that I would own “one day”.

Well… my husband and I bought a house seven years ago and although it had many elements that we loved, the kitchen was not one of them.  We agreed to purchased the house and I was promised that we would update the kitchen.   At that time I believed that we would get started on the kitchen right away.   However, we actually got started on something else when we moved in… less than a year later I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and a few years after that…and a basement project later, we welcomed another happy and healthy daughter.

Seven long years in a kitchen with outdated appliances and peeling cabinets.  Seven long years dreaming of a gas cook top.  Seven long years of stalking beautiful kitchens on Pintrest.




Well the kitchen is now complete!  I could not be happier.  So let’s take look back at how we began the process, survived the renovation and everything we learned along the way.


Stay tuned.






Preparing for Thanksgiving: Decor Planning Guide & Checklist

This year I will be hosting Thanksgiving for the first time.  I am both nervous and excited.  Hosting  any event can be overwhelming but the holidays often come with increased levels of stress.  Instead of allowing myself to become overwhelmed, I am leaning on my tried and true methods for preparing for any special event at my home by starting early and making a plan.

Although I fight it, I operate best in a structured environment, so I have created a structure by developing a checklist.  I use a daily “to do list” to approach my day …so just like everything else, I created a list to prepare for Thanksgiving.

This checklist is specifically for planning the decor.  On Thanksgiving, food gets all of the love but this year don’t overlook your decor.

Download this easy guide for a quick and easy way to plan.

Thanksgiving Decor Planning Guide & Checklist


Happy Holidays 




Turn a Storage Space Into an Outdoor Oasis In One Afternoon

I love enjoying beautiful days outside on my deck, but the direct sunlight is often too much to bear! We purchased a huge patio umbrella a few years ago and it provides great coverage, but I was searching for a bit more.  I wanted a space for outdoor dining and additional space to entertain.   Then it dawned on me…use the space under your deck.  We have an amazing space under our deck that was being used for storage…until my recent stroke of genius.

Excited…I purchased a fantastic outdoor dining set, grabbed some LED outdoor string lights, snagged some affordable outdoor curtains, hung a medallion and presto… an outdoor oasis was born!

Instead of buying curtain rods, I purchased some inexpensive PVC pipes and spray painted them.  I used Rust-Oleum spray paint in Bronze to complement the color of the stain on my deck.   To finish them off, I used Gorilla Glue to affix some curtain finishes that were in the attic. 
I saved money and found a way to reuse some items I had around the house.  In my book, that is considered a big win !

What do you think ?

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DIY Projects on a Travel & Food Blog? DIY Window Seat

So I have been in my home for seven years and there are still so many things that need to be done.  My formal living room sits empty, my kitchen needs to be renovated, the interior wall colors need to be updated, and until a few weeks ago, my outdoor space was pretty lame.   So in addition to discussing great food and travel experiences, I will also share my DIY projects and the many home improvement projects that we are undertaking this year.   

The first project that I took on this year was turning an old TV stand into a window seat.  When I purchased my new TV console a few years ago I planned to donate my old stand to charity.  It had good bones and deserved a good home.  Instead, it sat for two years moonlighting  as a console table in my formal living room.   Wondering if this furniture piece could have a new life, I took to Pintrest for ideas.  Pintrest never fails me!  So of course I found endless things I could turn the stand into.  I really like to DIY but I only attempt things that I can do and do well…so I chose the easiest option: a window seat.  A little padding, a little fabric and a little paint…right?  Well it turns out that there is also a little measuring, a little sanding and a little engineering involved too.

Step 1. Selecting the “soft stuff”: Fabric and cushion materials

I know I wanted my daughters and their guests to have an ultra thick and soft seat, so I went with the thickest foam at the craft store.  I then grabbed some inexpensive cotton fabric that complemented their decor.  After that I followed Erica’s easy technique for making the cushion. The foam was super thick and I am kinda sloppy so I had to pull the fabric super tight so that it would hide my mistakes and smooth out the lumps on the edges.  You need a super sharp razor or straight edge to cut your foam if needed to fit your furniture piece. 

Step 2. Sand and paint your base

I wanted to change the color of the TV stand so I selected my color and went out to Home Depot.  I was all ready to have my color created when I spotted a gallon of  “opps” paint that would also work and for half the price.  So I grabbed my paint and extra pads for my sander and I rushed home to get to work.  It took me about 30 minutes to fully sand the piece and prep it for paint.  I applied two coats of paint to the piece and allowed it to dry overnight.

Step 3. Affix your cushion

After allowing the piece to dry for 24 hours, I started thinking of ways to affix the cushion.  I thought about nailing it but I was not fully sure if the thin MDF backing could sustain nails.  So I settled on using some commercial grade Velcro that I had for a different project.  The Velcro is strong enough to hang a fire extinguisher from so I knew it could do the job. 


Step 4. Make the big reveal !

The girls absolutely loved the seat !




Best wishes on your project . Let me know how it turns out.


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