Turn a Storage Space Into an Outdoor Oasis In One Afternoon

I love enjoying beautiful days outside on my deck, but the direct sunlight is often too much to bear! We purchased a huge patio umbrella a few years ago and it provides great coverage, but I was searching for a bit more.  I wanted a space for outdoor dining and additional space to entertain.   Then it dawned on me…use the space under your deck.  We have an amazing space under our deck that was being used for storage…until my recent stroke of genius.

Excited…I purchased a fantastic outdoor dining set, grabbed some LED outdoor string lights, snagged some affordable outdoor curtains, hung a medallion and presto… an outdoor oasis was born!

Instead of buying curtain rods, I purchased some inexpensive PVC pipes and spray painted them.  I used Rust-Oleum spray paint in Bronze to complement the color of the stain on my deck.   To finish them off, I used Gorilla Glue to affix some curtain finishes that were in the attic. 
I saved money and found a way to reuse some items I had around the house.  In my book, that is considered a big win !

What do you think ?

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